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On the Born Free family farms we treat our animals with respect and kindness, and are committed to the highest standards of animal care and quality assurance. It goes without saying that the foundation of appropriate farming standards for dairy cows is humane and ethical care, freedom from pain, injury and disease. But that’s not enough. At Born Free we ensure that our animals are handled with compassion and consideration.


Through our comprehensive Born Free Dairy Care Plan, our cows live in an environment where stress is minimized. Born Free cows are allowed to stand and lie down as they wish, and to move around comfortably in clean, dry surroundings. They have access to fresh water and nutritious feed, carefully mixed and formulated according to their dietary needs.


The only time our cows are confined in any way is during milking or when it’s necessary to ensure their health and safety: during activities such as feeding, washing and veterinary care. In addition, At Born Free, we do not believe in docking the tails of our cows. Tail docking is a practice used at some dairy farms in which a portion of the cow’s tail is removed.

 All Born Free®Free Roaming™ dairy products are certified by American Humane Association, a national non-profit organization created to improve the lives of farm animals by setting rigorous standards, conducting thorough inspections, and certifying their humane treatment. In addition, American Humane Association prohibits the use of any synthetic hormones.We maintain our certification through careful adherence to their standards and guidelines. You will see the American Humane Certified seal on every Born Free® Free Roaming™ product.


So why do we go to all this extra effort to ensure the welfare of our cows at Born Free?


Because it’s the right thing to do.

Great for the cows, even better for you!

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